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Do you have questions about your electrical energy use?

Sometimes a member will receive a bigger than anticipated electric bill due to an increase in energy use. Most of the time the Co-op employees can help a member determine when and why the increase took place just by asking some questions and looking at meter data. It is often traced back to the consumer using some different appliance or having a house full of guests for a period of time they had forgotten about.

A home assessment by a co-op employee may be required if the cause of the increase in usage cannot be determined via the phone conversation.

In such cases, a co-op electrician or energy management specialist will meet with the member at the home to try to determine the cause of the change in kWh energy use. The Co-op offers these assessments at no charge to members who have already worked with a Co-op employee via telephone to troubleshoot their inquiry. Assessments are designed to look at electrical appliance usage and not to include fossil fuel appliances or heating equipment.

Call 1-800-494-6272 to begin a free Energy Assessment.