Energy grants for farm, business or industrial projects

Tractors lined up in garageAny McLeod Co-op Power member operating a farm, business or industrial plant, who is considering a lighting upgrade should call the Co-op to determine if an energy grant would help pay for part of the project. A lot of businesses are installing new LED fixtures to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Most of the time, projects will qualify for some type of rebate or energy grant. The grants are also available for new construction projects.

You will need to contact the Co-op before you start installing your new lights to provide the number, type, and wattage of your current fixtures and that same information for the new fixtures you are upgrading to, along with normal hours of operation. The Co-op’s Energy Management Specialists will calculate your savings and the amount of an energy grant you could receive.

Upgrading to new LED fixtures can provide high lumens, even in shops with high ceilings, and LED’s do not have problems starting in cold temperature shops like the older ballast-style fluorescent fixtures.

Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund

MCPA supports local economic development and job creation by providing low-interest GAP financing from its Economic Development Loan Fund. Contact us for eligibility requirements as well as to confirm funding availability.

Visit Economic Development site
Give the Co-op a call at 1-800-494-6272 for assistance.


Farm Energy Management Program

Learn more about our energy efficiency management program designed to assist all types of agricultural producers with identifying and prioritizing energy efficiency opportunities.