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Marathon Water Heaters offer a lifetime warranty (with product registration) from leaking, plus a six-year warranty on elements and thermostats.
Marathon Water Heater - Dark Gray

It is the highest efficiency, R-25 insulated electric water heater on the market. The durable exterior tank is designed to be rust free.

  • Available in 50-gallons, 85-gallons, and 105-gallons.
  • For sale to electric members and the general public.
  • Check out our rebates page for current rebates.

All electric water heaters sold by MCPA meet high-efficiency standards. Call us at 1-800-494-6272 for pricing details.

Mixing Valves

A mixing valve is an anti-scald device, that when plumbed into the hot water outlet of the water heater, allows the temperature of the water desired at the taps to be set. Cold water will mix with hot water in the valve sending the correct temperature water to the faucets. By using this system, members can get up to 40 gallons more usable hot water per day out of their storage system.

This is an excellent option for growing families as their daily water needs increase. It also allows for a single water heater instead of two heaters to participate in the storage program, in many cases. Call us at 1-800-494-6272 for further details.

Electric water heater advantages
  • The National Fire Protection Agency has found that gas water heaters cause seven times as many home fires as electric water heaters.
  • Electric water heaters require no flue or vent and can be placed virtually anywhere.
  • Electric water heaters do not use air for combustion making indoor air uncompromised and eliminating the danger of explosion.
  • Electric water heaters require less maintenance having no pilot light, no vent, no flue, or heat exchanger to corrode.
  • Electric water heaters are insulated on all sides (including top and bottom).
  • The heating elements have direct water contact making them nearly 100% efficient. Gas water heaters typically lose 40 to 60 percent of their heat energy.
  • Electric water heaters qualify for money-saving off-peak electric savings.
  • MCPA offers rebates to its members for joining the Hot Water Storage program.