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Boilers, in sizes ranging from 10 kW to 300 kW, are available through McLeod Cooperative Power. These are most commonly used for Dual Fuel; when an electric boiler is added to a gas or oil boiler. Contact the Cooperative or your plumber/HVAC contractor for proper sizing of a boiler. Electric boilers with an automatic backup are eligible for the off-peak program.

Silver Mini BoilerMini-Boilers

Mini-boilers are available in 1.0 kW to 9.0 kW sizes. They are quite popular for heating water/glycol solutions that circulate through subfloor tubing, otherwise known as radiant or hydronic heating. Everyone wants the warm floors in their basement or shop and this is one way to get it. Mini-boilers can be used to heat the floors on the off-peak electric rate when they have an automatic backup system such as a forced-air furnace. Mini-boilers are compact. They mount on a wall and are easily installed.

Floor warming installationFloor Warming

Warm bathroom floors are a comfort most people desire in their homes. Floor warming is easy to install in new homes and fairly easy to retrofit in existing bathrooms where homeowners are adding ceramic tile or other appropriate floor coverings. During the installation process, the thin heat conductor is taped down. The flooring is then applied over the top. The in-floor heat is thermostatically controlled for your comfort and may be used only when you choose to turn it on. Floor warming products are available through McLeod Cooperative and are relatively easy to install.

Electro-Mate plenum heaterPlenum Heaters

When the patented Electro-Mate zero-clearance electric conversion system is added to a gas, propane, or oil forced air furnace, it becomes a Dual Fuel heating system. It is eligible for the off-peak electric rate. The plenum heater provides 100% efficient electric heat most of the time. During cold nights and peak control times, the fossil fuel furnace will automatically turn on to heat the home.

The unit is available in upflow and downflow models and in a variety of KW sizes, depending upon the square footage you need to heat. Plenum heaters are installed by qualified HVAC contractors. Your electrician will wire it to your service and connect it to your load management control box. The unit is compatible with central air conditioning. In upflow models, the Electro-Mate plenum heaters sit above the A-coil in the plenum of your furnace. Your fossil fuel furnace fan is used to circulate air for the operation of both the electric and fossil fuel heating systems.

Storage Furnaces

Steffes Central Storage FurnaceSteffes Central Storage Furnaces
The Steffes central storage furnace utilizes ceramic bricks as a storage medium. By operating on the Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) strategy, they deliver heat 24 hours a day to the home or business, yet, only take an electric charge during off-peak hours. All heat produced by the unit is sold to members at the low off-peak rate.

This furnace is 100% efficient, clean, safe, reliable, and easy to operate. It comes with a five-year warranty. An outdoor temperature sensor adjusts the amount of charge the furnace takes to the temperature outside the home. This furnace is compatible with central air conditioning or an air source heat pump.

Steffes makes a forced-air furnace and a hydronic unit for hot water heat or circulating system for in-floor radiant systems.

Room Storage FurnaceRoom Storage Furnaces
Room storage units are also available in a variety of sizes. They charge up with off-peak power in the middle of the night and provide heat to the area they are located in 24 hours a day.

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