The Co-op's office will be closed until Tuesday, August 18th as we're moving to our new location at 3515 11th St East in Glencoe's East Industrial Park.


Co-op members that are dealing with financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to reach out to their community action partnership (CAP) groups as the deadline for applying for assistance has been extended to July 1st. Income eligibility also has been changed. Eligibility is now based on the most recent full calendar month of income.  Those needing assistance should contact their county CAP agency to determine if they qualify. See the listing of Energy Assistance Providers on the bottom of the page to find the CAP agencies in our service territory. 


Notice to Members who are behind in your bill payments. The Cold Weather Rule may not protect you!

Make plans now to pay your bill to avoid being without electricity this winter.

Mcleod Cooperative Power regularly disconnects the electrical supply of members who do not pay for the electricity they use. While we dislike having to disconnect members, it would not be fair to our other members if we allow certain members to use electricity for free while our other members pay.

The Cold Weather Rule was adopted to protect some people from having their primary source of electric heat disconnected between October 15 and April 15.

However, this law doesn’t mean there won’t be disconnections. The law says that a person must be making regular payments or have set up a payment plan and be honoring those arrangements to avoid being disconnected. If you are behind on your payments and are counting on the Cold Weather Rule to protect you from making any payments during the winter, think again. Mcleod Cooperative Power will be doing disconnects this winter in accordance with the law.

Please read the full Cold Weather Rule summary below.

The list of agencies who can provide assistance to qualifying residents having trouble paying their bill is on this page and is also listed on the back of any electric bill with a delinquent balance.

It is up to the member to make payment arrangements or seek assistance to avoid disconnection. Please do not wait. The sooner you contact us, the greater the chance you will have electricity all winter long. Call today at 320.864.3148 or 1.800.494.6272 for details about applying for shut-off protection or to make a reasonable payment arrangement.