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Smarthub – an optional online service that offers members a faster, more efficient way to pay their bills and manage account information from either a computer or mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

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Moving? Need to set up a new service?

Contact the Co-op office as early as possible to set up electric service for your new home. Click to the right for instructions.

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Community News


Although it takes only a split second for a power surge to occur, this massive spike in electricity can wreak havoc – damaging electronic devices, appliances and electric outlets in a home. Since we get many service requests relating to power surges, we wanted to share some helpful information on this topic. Of course, it… Read more about POWER SURGES 101


Winter in Minnesota means cold weather. Many stay warm by plugging in their electric blankets or portable heaters or curling up in front of the fire. However, keeping warm with electronics comes with increased electrical safety hazards. This is also a great time of year to check for damage to your existing electrical systems. Take… Read more about WINTER ELECTRIC SAFETY