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Rent or Purchase? Which option is best for you?

Rental Option

LED Yardlight

The Co-op rents 50 watt LED yard lights to members for a monthly cost. The light charge includes the rental of the light, plus all electricity used by the light. The Co-op will install the light at no cost to the member and will maintain/service the light for the member. The rate for unmetered LED light is $6.60 per month.

A rental light will be installed on the meter pole or transformer pole which is owned by the Co-op.

Purchase Option

The 50 watt LED yard light is for members who want to have their own private yard light that can be wired from the member’s secondary service. The light fixture is a long lasting, low maintenance, highly efficient replacement for existing 100/150/175W high-pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor security lights. The light utilizes an all-aluminum housing for maximum heat transfer and durability. The fixture has a rugged construction. It is a 3-wire UL listed light fixture. The light sells for $175.00 plus sales tax and a mounting arm can also be purchased for $20.00 plus sales tax.

The 50 watt light cannot be flush-mounted on a building without some modifications. It needs to be suspended by a 1.25” to 2.5” diameter mounting arm. So, if a member is replacing an old yard light fixture that was on a traditional arm, you may reuse the old arm and mount this light to it, or you can purchase a mounting arm from the Co-op. Consumer-owned lights CANNOT be mounted on a Co-op pole. It must be installed on consumer-owned facilities.

These lights qualify for a high-efficiency rebate from the Co-op. To receive the rebate the light must be installed at a location served by MCPA and the member must submit a rebate form and copy of sales receipt so it is received at the Co-op by the deadline specified on the rebate form. Members may download a rebate form from the Co-op’s website or call the office 1.800.494.6272 to get a form sent out by mail.

Lights must be picked up and paid for at the Cooperative’s Glencoe office. The Co-op will accept cash, check or credit card payment for the light.