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Tree Trimming & Vegetation Management:
Tree cutting requests

Every year McLeod Co-op Power Association (MCPA) receives a high volume of tree cutting requests. MCPA removes or trims trees for safety, system reliability, board policies, and compliance with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). In 2016, a number of tree cutting requests were rejected because they did not meet the guidelines. Let us help you determine whether you should be contacting MCPA for a requested cut or whether you need to contact an independent tree service company.

MCPA will trim or remove trees if:
  • Diagram of treecuttingTrees are in MCPA’s 15-foot right-of-way
  • Trees are, or will, negatively impact the power lines
MCPA will not trim or remove trees if:
  • Trees are not affecting the power lines
  • Trees are leaning away from the power lines
  • Trees are over structures including homes, garages, outbuildings, campers, sewers, etc.
  • Trees are not accessible by MCPA equipment – we do not climb trees for removal

For trees that MCPA won’t trim, you should contact an independent tree trimming/removal company. MCPA crews will drop the power line so your contractor can cut the tree. When planning, we ask that you notify us two weeks ahead to schedule when you need a line dropped. Contact the Operations Department at 1-800-494-6272.