Wind & Solar

Working checking on solar panels

McLeod Cooperative Power members who are interested in owning their own wind turbine or solar array should access the Coop’s NOVA Power Portal (link below) for materials on wind generation and interconnection, application forms, etc.

DG Application must be approved before construction begins.

DG Cost Recovery Fee

As of July 1, 2015, Minnesota Statute 216B.164 allows electric cooperatives and municipal utilities to charge a fee to recover the fixed costs to serve a distributed generation qualifying facility. The recovery of fixed costs through a fee or other charges to recover the cooperative’s cost of providing service is part of the rate structure of the cooperative that may change over time. The fee is calculated using a cost of service approach and is based upon the cost of serving the member, the kWh rate, and the current system delivery or fixed charge. Because the cost shift is different based on the size of the distributed generation facility, the fee is applied per kW on installed distributed generation that exceeds 3.5 kW. In addition to a 3.5 kW allowance, there is also a capped dollar amount associated with the fee. The DG Cost Recovery Fee and the cap are based on previous year data. Fee and cap will be recalculated annually. (Will be listed on electric bill as “DG Grid Access”).

Member’s considering a DG system should contact the Co-op for help in calculating what their monthly DG Recovery Fee would be based on the size of their system’s capacity.

Notice to Cogenerators

In compliance with McLeod Cooperative Power Association’s adopted rules relating to cogeneration and small power production, McLeod Cooperative Power Association is obligated to interconnect with and purchase electricity from cogenerators and small power producers, whom satisfy the conditions as a qualifying facility. McLeod Cooperative Power Association is obligated to provide information free of charge to all interested members upon request regarding rates and interconnection requirements. All interconnections require an application and approval to become a qualifying facility. Any dispute over interconnections, sales, and purchases are subject to resolution by the McLeod Cooperative Power Association Board. Interested members should contact:

McLeod Cooperative Power Association
3515 11th Street East
Glencoe MN 55336

or call 1-800-494-6272.

Solar panel field

Community Solar

Community Solar Project is planned for stages

McLeod Cooperative Power has a community solar project that was built in the spring of 2015.  It provides Co-op members with a simple and affordable way to participate in a solar generation without having to construct and maintain their own array.

Through the Community Solar Project, members can benefit from solar:
  • Even if a member’s home or business is not a good site for solar production.
  • Even if a member rents their home or business
  • Without installing equipment on their property.
  • Without worrying about maintenance or repair costs.
  • Without extra insurance costs.
  • Without the personal responsibility of meeting and maintaining the Minnesota interconnection requirements when selling power back onto the grid.
  • Co-op’s community solar could expand with sufficient interest from members

The Co-op has space within the original array fence to construct one additional 50-panel array. We are currently taking reservations from members interested in participating in the next community solar array. When we get sufficient interest to do another 50 solar panels, we will seek approval for construction. Any member with interest in community solar may contact the Co-op for details.