Most of the rebates from 2017 are continuing into the New Year. A few of the rebate amounts have been adjusted. ENERGY STAR rated dryers will qualify for a $25 rebate. ENERGY STAR rated LED light bulbs will be at $2 maximum per bulb. ECMs or electrically commutated furnace fan motors will qualify for a rebate of $50 in 2018. These are lower rebates than last year.

Energy Star RebateRebates for the purchase of ENERGY STAR rated refrigerators or freezers with required and documented recycling of the old, still working refrigerator or freezer that is being replaced, will be offered with a maximum of two rebates per member per year for recycling. The refrigerators or freezers that are recycled without the purchase of a new unit, are also required to be operating and must be units removed from properties served by MCPA. The purpose of this rebate is to remove old working units that consume a lot more kWh than newer units from service.

Rebate forms for most appliances are available for download at If you do not have internet access just call the Co-op and we will mail you a rebate form.

Please read all requirements on each rebate form. Certain rebates have limited quantities or they require the appliance to be ENERGY STAR or DLC approved. All rebates are on a first come, first serve basis. A $2,000 maximum annual cap per member applies to all rebates except storage space heat.

Call the Co-op at 1-800-494-6272 or 320-864-3148 if you have any questions on the rebates for 2018.