The last two years have shown consumers how volatile pricing can be – from gas to building supplies to vehicles. Most recently, propane prices have skyrocketed, leaving some people planning for a costly heating season. But stable electric rates, efficient equipment, and energy management programs help you save on winter energy bills.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasted U.S. households’ heating bills will jump 54% compared to last winter. The EIA expects the Midwest to see 49% increases for natural gas-heated homes and a 54% increase for LP. The good news? Those that have electric heat are expected to only be modestly impacted at 6%.

If you’re looking for more stability and saving, McLeod Co-op Power offers excellent heating programs that offer value, safety, and competitive advantage. Our program variety ensures that you can choose the methods that best meet your needs. In addition, many of our programs offer rebates or a reduced electric rate to help you lower your energy bills even further.


One of the best ways to save is upgrading your home heating system with efficient equipment like an air source heat pump (ASHP). “Furnaces typically run from 60 to 95 percent efficient,” shared Shannon Jerabek, Energy Management Specialist. “However, ASHPs run from 200 to 300 percent efficiency.” Because of their advanced efficiency, the cost to run an ASHP often falls well below the cost of propane-only heat. The difference becomes even more favorable when propane prices rise, which can happen without much notice.

In addition to protecting you from unpredictable fuel prices, ASHPs maintain the same comfort you expect without the need to endlessly monitor fuel levels. Electric heat doesn’t run out, so you can avoid more fuel tank refills and messy maintenance. Plus, less reliance on fossil fuels means fewer emissions inside and outside your home.

Worried about the cost to upgrade? McLeod Co-op offers some attractive rebates to help offset the cost of installing a qualified ASHP.


In addition to the savings created through efficient equipment and available rebates, the Co-op offers a variety of off-peak heating programs that reduce energy demand during peak times and energy purchase costs for both members and the Co-op.

For example, a highly efficient ASHP can easily be paired with our Dual Fuel program which combines two heating sources – electric and an alternate heating system as your backup. “Members participating in this program benefit by paying a low off-peak electric rate for all of their electric heat. In exchange, when demand for electricity is high, the Co-op is able to control their electric heat during peak times (up to 400 hours per year maximum),” shared Jerabek. “During control times, the automatic back-up system will heat the home.”

Assumptions: Typical weather in a northern climate. Assumed heating requirements of 55,000 BTUh. Average propane price of $2.10 per gallon. Summer electric rate of 13.01 cents per kWh. Load management electric rate of 6.12 cents per kWh. (Estimates courtesy of Bryant Heating & Cooling.)

For the last decade, our low off-peak electricity price has remained stable, protecting members from the harsh, sometimes pocket-emptying cost swings of propane. With the off-peak electric program, you still have the choice to utilize a backup fuel source when it’s very cold and have more control over your monthly expenses. It’s the comfort and security you’ve been longing for.


If these great savings intrigue you and you want to learn more visit or contact our office at (800) 494-6272. In addition, McLeod Co-op Power offers a variety of programs and rebates such as storage heating and smart thermostats to fit all our members’ needs. We’re here to help you find the best solution and the most savings for your heating needs.