Members are our friends and neighbors
Each and every customer receiving electric service from McLeod Cooperative Power is a member. However the difference between a customer and a member can be significant. A member has a vote to elect a director from his or her district to represent their interests. A member has the financial benefit of sharing in the margins that are made, which are paid out as patronage capital. A member can share his or her opinions with the Cooperative staff or directors.

Is this really different from being the customer of any other utility? You bet it is. The employees of McLeod Cooperative Power are dedicated and available to help you when you need it. Our employees live in your community, send their kids to local schools, have an interest in the same county and regional issues that you do. Our employees volunteer time to civic groups, fire and rescue departments, and they provide educational and safety training in local communities. Many of our employees are members just like you. They live just down the gravel road. MCPA members are our friends and neighbors, not just some account number that we send a bill to. You are an individual farmer or home owner, who resides in one of the townships we serve.

McLeod Cooperative Power guarantees its members professional service and a strong distribution system to provide reliable electric service.  We believe in real people, not an automated phone system, to answer questions. Our employees go a step further, by providing our members with extra-special personal service because they are our friends and neighbors down the road.