The Cooperative business model depends on members like you to provide leadership and guidance.

McLeod Co-op Power Directors are members just like you who understand and listen to the community. They represent you on the Cooperative’s Board, while responsibly overseeing the business of the Cooperative and determining its strategic direction. Each year an election takes place to ensure that every member has a voice in the governance of this organization and that any member in good standing may seek election for the Board of Directors. The results of the elections are announced with the membership at the organization’s annual meeting.

In 2022, there are three districts up for election:
• District 7: Collinwood, Hale, Hutchinson
• District 8: Alfsborg, Bandon, Bismark, Collins, Grafton, Martinsburg, Moltke,
Round Grove, Transit, Wellington
• District 9: Camden, Watertown, Young America

• The board evaluates whether decisions and policies help the Cooperative successfully further its commitment to serving our community by providing excellent member service, and safe and reliable energy service at a competitive price.
• The board adopts and enforces policies, resolutions and actions governing ethical conduct, accountability and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• The board provides financial oversight, establishes financial targets, approves the Cooperative’s budget, and reviews significant investments, loans and the rates for providing electric service to members.
• The board serves as ambassadors to our membership, community and legislative representatives. Directors are visible, active and available to members throughout their
respective district.

Directors must receive electric service from McLeod Co-op Power at their primary residence in the district they represent. Directors cannot be an immediate relative to an employee, employed by an enterprise that directly competes with or provides substantial services to the Cooperative, or have any other conflict of interest. A complete list of qualifications is located within the Cooperative Bylaws.

Directors serve a three-year term and must be available to attend monthly board meetings, the Annual Meeting, and additional training and/or conferences throughout their term. Board members are also expected to prepare for board meetings and serve as an ambassador for the Cooperative in the community.

Members in districts 7, 8, and 9; who meet the Bylaw qualifications and have an interest in serving as a director of McLeod Co-op Power should complete a director application by 4:30 p.m. on March 31, 2022. Please call (800) 494-6272 if you have additional questions or need more information.