McLeod Co-op Power Members gathered for 85th Annual Meeting

The members of McLeod Cooperative Power Association reconvened for the 85th annual meeting of the Cooperative on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 at the Hutchinson Event Center. About 100 members and guests attended the meeting.

The election results were shared with the membership with three directors being elected for a three-year term each; Oria Brinkmeier of District One, Joe Griebie of District Two, and David Resch of District Three. The Nominating Committee also announced that the Proposed Restated Articles of Incorporation By-Laws changes were approved.

Keith Peterson, Board President, introduced the Co-op’s new CEO, Ron Meier. Mr. Meier then provided the financial report. He was pleased to report that there was not a rate increase for 2020 making two consecutive years with no rate increases.  He also noted that the Co-op saw good sales in 2019 as well as savings from various cost containment efforts. These savings combined with other cost reductions from recent years are showing their value.

Following the Annual Meeting, the board of directors elected their officers for the coming year. Doug Kirtz was selected as Board President, Joe Griebie as Vice-President, Susan Anderson as Secretary-Treasurer, and David Resch as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. Randy Hlavka will continue as the Cooperative’s representative to Great River Energy.