Does someone you love live alone?

Personal Emergency Reporting SystemFamily members are often concerned about the personal safety of their loved ones, especially those who live alone. This uneasiness is compounded if the loved one is elderly, has medical concerns or lives a distance away from other family members. Yet, we recognize that it is also important for our loved ones to maintain their sense of independence. McLeod Cooperative Power offers a solution to this delicate situation. It is the Personal Emergency Reporting System.

Easy to Operate

System installation is easy. The equipment is simple to operate and the monthly monitoring fee is inexpensive. The console system features a high-quality advanced speaker and emergency response pendant or wristband. In case of an emergency, help is summoned through a simple touch of the pendant/wristband that is worn at all times. The console is immediately activated and contact is made with a 24-hour response center.

Professional Response

Professional dispatchers staff the response center. Since the automated computer system has already been programmed with the necessary subscriber information, such as the address, family contacts, and medical history, the dispatcher will be able to immediately contact the appropriate authorities. The computer records also hold contact information for pre-determined family members, friends or neighbors so assistance can still be summoned in situations that are not emergencies.

Preserves Mobility

Emergency medical pendantsA particularly nice feature is that this sophisticated console and pendant/wristband alert allows mobility throughout the home and the nearby yard. That means that your loved one can always contact help from any room in the house or out in the garden. The speaker is so powerful that it even allows conversation from across the room.

Peace of Mind is Affordable

Contact McLeod Cooperative Power to have a personal emergency response system installed anywhere within McLeod, Sibley, Carver or Renville counties. Subscribers do not need to receive electric service from the cooperative in order to participate in this program. Installation of the rental phone monitoring system is $49.00 and the monthly monitoring fee is $30.00, plus tax.