At McLeod Cooperative Power, we have a strong commitment and desire to make sure young students understand the awesome power of electricity and common safety precautions.

Jared Klein at Arlington schoolElectricity will seek the shortest path to the ground, and will always look for a good conductor to do so, including the human body. It is important to exercise care and caution whenever you are working around electric equipment, appliances, and power lines.

Safety programs in schools:

McLeod Cooperative Power presents safety education classes in schools, located within the bounds of our service territory. Classroom safety education is best-suited for 4th to7th graders; however, the Cooperative can tailor safety education to any grade level. Safety education is offered at no charge to schools.

Safety Video Loaned to Groups:

A safety video and materials on teaching groups about electricity are available for loan to Boy Scout or Girl Scout troupes, 4-H groups, etc.

Call the Member Service Department at 1-800-494-6272 to schedule a school safety program at your facility.