Energy Star Appliances
  • Dehumidifier: $25
  • Electric Clothes Dryer: $25
  • Old Freezer or Refrigerator: $25
    (Proof of recycling required & Limit of 2 per Year)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Up to $500
    (towards installation & equipment)
Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water Heater 50 gal minimum capacity $500
  • Electric Storage Water Heating Program: $400
Energy Star Swimming Pool
  • Air Source Heat Pump Pool Heater: $400
  • Variable Speed Pump: $200
Energy Star Lighting
  • LED Yard Light: $60
  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Space Heating: $50/kW
  • 14.5 SEER Air Source Heat Pump: $200
  • 15 SEER Air Source Heat Pump: $400
  • 16 SEER or higher Air Source Heat Pump: $800
  • Ductless Air Source Health Pump: $300 (oil)
  • Ground Source Heat Pump: $400/ton
  • ECM: $50 (retrofit only)

Rebate Forms

Energy Star appliancesThis is a residential summary only

The Co-op also offers agricultural, commercial, and industrial custom rebates. There is a $2,500 maximum rebate per member per year. Only ETS space heating has a $5,000 maximum cap. All rebates are on a first come, first serve basis, so please turn in your paperwork promptly.

Please read the details on specific rebate forms, as some products have limits, require Energy Star certification, or other requirements.

Air Source Heat Pump rebate forms must be completed by the installing contractor. Rebates for high-efficiency air source heat pumps require installation by a “registered contractor” which has been designated as a quality installer. A list of all the “registered contractors” can be found here. There are no rebates on central air conditioners. The Cooperative encourages any member replacing their central air conditioner to upgrade to an Energy Star rated air source heat pump. LED yard lights must be installed on consumer-owned building or facilities. Lights cannot be installed on Co-op power poles.